Open for the season

We are located at 307 Dorchester St. in Ocean City, MD next to the Marina Deck restaurant.

In order to drive a jet ski you must be 16 years old and you must bring a valid photo ID.

We suggest that you arrive 30 minutes prior to the booking time. This will allow plenty of time for you to fill out paperwork and receive proper instructions for using our jet skis and the rules of the water.

Two people can ride a Jetski, one driver and one passenger. The passenger must be above the age of 5.

Under special circumstances with special permission from the guides one jet ski can accommodate 3 riders if the combined weight is under 420lbs.

Swimming is not permitted at any time during the tour. There will be other boat traffic on the water so for your safety we insist that you remain on the craft at all times.

There is a medium size compartment at the front of the Jetski, we will not guarantee that the compartment will stay watertight. We suggest you place valuables and electronic devices in a water tight bag.

You are allowed to bring your phone however, they are not permitted for use while riding or driving the jet ski.

It is required by state law that you wear a life vest the entire time that you are riding on the jet ski.

Our guides will take you along Assawoman Bay behind Assateague Island to our D.N.R. designated riding area near the Verazano Bridge.

We operate a fleet of 8 2018 Kawasaki 1500CC RTX Jet Skis.

The jet skis range from 45-55mph depending on weather conditions.

Our guides follow a seasonally pre-determined route to our riding area which is located behind Assateague Island in the Assawoman Bay.

The time starts when the jet skis are pushed into the water.